Craig Pruess

Sacred Chants of Buddha

Music for inner Peace

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Commissioned by the TIMES OF INDIA after the success of "Sacred Chants of Shiva", this CD casts a spacious spell of serene beauty and reflection. Deep resonant chanting voices are set in an enchanting soundscape of singing bowls, wind chimes, flute, swaramandala. "Buddham Sharanam" shows the power of drums and chanting.

Includes "Om Mani Padme Hum" and the "Vajra Guru Mantra". The cinematic soundtrack style of the audio production has created a lot of excitement in India, where the album has sold everywhere, in towns and cities alike.


Produktart: CD
Sprache: Chants (Mantra)
Herausgeber: Art of Living Foundation
Maße: 12,5 cm x 14,0 cm
Ausführung: Einfache CD
Laufzeit: 63:10 min

Vajra Guru Mantra 15:48

Buddham Sharanam 16:03

Om Mani Padme Hum 16:09

Om Tara 15:50